Software Features

Farm management

Collect vital information on farmers, crop yields in your supply chain to understand farmers' needs & formulate farm development plans.

GPS farm mapping

Map fields and farms of varying sizes faster with higher levels of accuracy. Collect data on land characteristics for monitoring and certification.

Conduct Certification Audits

Simplify certification inspections and make the process more efficient at both ends of the supply chain.

Trace food sources

Mergdata offers agri traders & processors with traceability and farm identification tools to track and identify the sources of food commodities.

Pay digital & securely

Integrate mobile finance solutions into your supply chain and make digital payments (including premiums) directly onto farmers’ mobile money accounts.

Educate farmers in their own language

Send educational tips, weather forecasts, voice surveys and warning alerts to farmers, no matter their location in a language they understand.

What sets Mergdata apart

Inbuilt validation

Inbuilt features that ensure data accuracy and reduce human error.


Web and mobile software that allows you to build and launch your campaign and instantly collect insights from your supply chain.

GPS enabled

Map fields and farms, identify farm locations for farmer identification and action against deforestation.


Platforms and applications are customizable, multilingual, user-driven, and user-friendly, with 24-hour customer service.

Offline Mode

Enabled for use in areas with low connectivity.


Share contents in any language, overcome language barriers and increase adoption of good practices.

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What we have achieved so far.

Field Mapping

With the auto and manual mapping feature on mergdata, we have mapped a million acres of farmlands.

acres of farmland mapped.

Field Mapping

  • Agricbusiness.
  • Govts & Dev’t Orgs.

Digital Profiling

Mergdata enables your organisation to register and profile each customer or farmer for easy identification, product tracing and tracking.
farmers have been profiled using Mergdata.


  • Agricbusiness

Farmer Education

Share educational contents, alerts and weather updates to an unlimited number of farmers through voice messages or text. This module provides a substitute for extension services and enables you to influence farmer behaviour and improve their farm practices.
farmers learnt best practices and accessed vital information


  • Agricbusiness
  • Input Suppliers

Digital Finance

This module integrates mobile finance solutions into the agricultural supply chain.
Over $120,000 has been disbursed to farmers using Mergdata.


  • Financial Institutions.

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