Discover what Mergdata can do for you and your organization.


  • Track produce from farm to factory
  • Visualize information gathered throughout the supply chain
  • Create and monitor input inventory
  • Generate and scan custom barcode tags using the platform

Certification audit model

  • Track certification status of farmers
  • Use profile to determine certification eligibility
  • Push voice and text messages to reinforce knowledge of best practices

Farm Mapping

  • Visualize polygon maps of farms
  • Link farms to farmer profiles
  • Generate insights powered by GIS analysis
  • Easily export data to be used in analytical software

Efficient Profiling

  • Create individual profiles for each of your farmers
  • Track location, farm size, crop yields, and certification status
  • Easily access and edit information to keep up to date
  • Uploads real time data to the cloud, keeping you connected with your field agents

Input Distribution

  • Determine where and when inputs need to be delivered
  • Monitor the effectiveness of input use
  • Track farmer purchasing and distribution of inputs
  • Cooperate with Farmerline to use our piloted input distribution system

Farmer Education

  • Send voice messages in local dialects
  • Record information about global sustainability standards, weather forecasts, market prices, and agronomics tips
  • Use as an emergency contact service for disaster relief or epidemics

Loan Monitoring

  • Send timely reminders when loan payments are due
  • Use individual profiles to track loan repayment status
  • Compile and visualize high level borrowing statistics

Loan Appraisal

  • Avoid the expense of pen and paper appraisals
  • Use electronic surveying built into the Mergdata platform
  • Create digital profiles of clients to manage lines of credit
  • Link survey responses to profiles to determine creditworthiness

Financial Education

  • Broadcast educational voice and text message
  • Encourage saving and financial responsibility
  • Record content in local dialects

Custom Software

  • Create custom survey and collection systems that meet your information needs
  • Work closely with our responsive team of young software engineers
  • Collect data to better understand attitudes and behaviors of your beneficiaries
  • Drive decision making with accurate, precise data collection and analytics

Information Circulation

  • Record and send timely voice and text messages in seconds
  • Schedule messages to be sent and specific times or regular intervals
  • Provide your beneficiaries with important health or agricultural information
  • Distribute knowledge to reduce hunger, promote health, and create sustainable livelihoods

Electronic Surveying

  • Conduct paperless surveys using Android tablets
  • Push responses directly from the field to the cloud
  • Receive immediate feedback on community needs
  • Monitor progress in real time towards key targets, like the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Data Management

  • Monitor your impact with automatic data analytics
  • Find and follow trends
  • Tag beneficiaries to GIS locations
  • Easily export data into a variety of file formats

GIS Mapping

  • Map locations by walking around the perimeter
  • Visualize mapped locations with polygon outlines
  • Tie polygons to collected survey data
  • Export data to be used in analysis platforms
  • Produce powerful GIS insights

Farmer Education

  • Use SMS text and voice messages to reach end users of inputs
  • Provide information on proper input application
  • Encourage environmentally sustainable and health-conscious usage of inputs


  • Survey and track community input needs
  • Deliver inputs when and where they are needed
  • Expand input market by improving real time knowledge of last-mile community needs

Market Access

  • Access a network of thousands of farmers across Africa
  • Work with us to provide inputs to rural smallholder farmers
  • Utilize our field team to assist in selling and distribution